Day Trip vs. Overnight Tour

Day Trip to Khao Sok vs. Overnight Tour

Many visitors ask us if it is possible to visit Khao Sok for a single day trip only. While the answer is of course yes, both our recommended tours include at least one night in or near the National Park. While visiting Khao Sok for one day only is certainly better than not visiting this wonderful piece of the planet at all, we strongly believe (and got this belief backed by feedback from former visitors) that one single day is simply not enough to really explore and enjoy Khao Sok National Park. Here are some of the reasons for this:

Flora and Fauna


Khao Sok is one of the oldest rainforests on earth. The flora of the Park is incredibly diverse, including rare plant species such as the rafflesia, the world’s largest flower. The best way to get properly acquainted with these unique surroundings is by trekking through the rain forest on foot with a knowledgeable local tour guide, who explains you everything you see and hear and smell underway.

The biodiversity of the park is believed to be higher than the Amazon’s. Even though little research has been carried out so far, the fauna discovered to date is absolutely stunning. Besides hundreds of bird species, including majestic Great Hornbills, and countless reptiles and insects, Khao Sok is also home to so far 48 confirmed mammal species, including threatened species such as wild elephants, gaurs, clouded leopards and Malaysian Tapirs. Major wildlife corridors are vigilantly monitored with this Camera Trap Project.

While you might not see every single animal species during your trip to the National Park, it is fascinating to realize how intact this fragile ecosystem still is. To maintain the natural beauty and biodiversity of Khao Sok, all recommended tours are operated by a reputable, responsible tour operator.

Cheow Larn Lake

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Sure enough Cheow Larn Lake in itself is already worth the journey to Khao Sok. In addition to an unbelievably stunning scenery, reminding many a traveler of Vietnam’s Halong Bay, wildlife sightings are also extremely common when visiting the lake. You can easily do so by booking a 3-day Jungle Lake Safari, during which you will spend the 2nd night of your tour in accommodation floating on the emerald green waters of the lake, an experience so unique you will certainly never forget.

As on Cheow Larn Lake you are based on water, and most animals are land-based, they will not perceive you as a threat as you silently approach them in a self-paddled canoe (which, of course, is included in the tour package price). Hence chances for wildlife sightings increase dramatically. Especially spectacled langurs and white-handed lar gibbons are seen swinging from branch to branch on an almost daily basis, but also gaurs, wild boar, various deer species, different hornbill species and even Malayan sun bears and wild elephants have been photographed by visitors.

Insider Tip

Start your day at Cheow Larn Lake as early as 06:30am, and paddle out into the quiet channels of the lake before anyone else does. You will feel and hear the jungle around you slowly awaken: The mist rises from the lake, the sun comes up behind the trees, and the gibbons begin their whooping territorial calls, which easily give away their position. Go find them and enjoy the show, while they are brachiating from tree to tree! Upon return to the floating accommodation a mouthwateringly delicious breakfast buffet will be waiting for you. What better way to start the day?

Please note: Overnight stays at Cheow Larn Lake are only possible as part of the 3-day Jungle Lake Safari. During the 2-day Jungle Safari you will be accommodated on land, close to the National Park headquarters.

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