Buffy Fish Owl
Length:Body: 38-48 cm.
Wing: 29-40 cm.
Tail: 16-18 cm.
Weight:1-2.1 kg.




The Buffy fish owl, also known as the Malay fish owl, is a fairly large owl but is the smallest of the four species of fish owl which are in Strigidae Family. They have yellow eyes and have long eyebrows. Feathers are tawny and their wings as well as tail are yellowish and dark brown. The wings are distinctly rounded in shape when they are seen in flight. The under parts are a yellow-brown, buff or fulvous colour with broad blackish stripes. Their legs are long and so are their nails; long, curved and sharp. The Buffy fish owls call is a pronounced kutook, pof-pof-pof and hie-e-e-e-e-keek. They are listed as Least Concern by IUCN but they are protected in Thailand according to the Wildlife Preservation and Protection act b.e.1992

Did you know...?

…that they mainly live in lowlands but can be found at elevations up to 1,600 m.?