Spectacled Cobra – Asian Cobra
Length:About 1.8m long
Colouring:Have a yellow or brown hood with two black and white eye shaped patterns connected by a curved line – looking like spectacles


Naja naja

There are about 11 species of Cobras living in Southeast Asia. The Asian Cobra (Spectacled Cobra) is considered the most dangerous snake in the world. It is not the most poisonous one, but the one that bites the most often. Cobras release significant amounts of deadly neurotoxic venom into their victim, resulting in necrosis and respiratory collapse. This venom, while not the most toxic, does not respond very well to anti­venom. It will still damage tissue around the bite. Spitting Cobras, like the Indo­Chinese Spitting Cobra or Sumatran Spitting Cobra, can accurately spit powerful neurotoxic venom into the eyes of their victims across 3 m. This defense mechanism can cause temporary blindness (or permanent blindness if not treated).Cobras have a characteristic patterned hood on the backside of their head, which they only open when feeling threatened.

Did you know...?

…that snake charmers use cobras to entertain people, although they are considered the most dangerous snakes in the world.