Mangrove Snake1
Length:1.8-2.4 m.
Colouring:Their head and body are black and has small yellow rings, continuous or not, across the black colour.

Mangrove Snake


Mangrove snake, also known as Gold-ringed cat snake, is a medium-sized snake in the Colubridae Family and likes to relax in the trees during the days, since it is a nocturnal animal. Mangrove snakes are soft venomous snakes, their venom isn’t considered life-threatening to humans but it can make us hurt and swollen. They are classed as least concern by the IUCN.

Did you know...?

…that Mangrove snakes can be easily mixed up with Banded Krait snakes because of the colours? ButBanded Krait venom is strong compared to Mangrove Snake venom.