Great Hornbill 1
Length:95-130 cm.
Wingspan:152 cm.
Weight:2.15-4 kg.

Great Hornbill



The great hornbill, also known as the great Indian hornbill or great pied hornbill, is one of the larger members of the hornbill family, 95-130 cm long with 152 cm wingspan and a weight of 2.15-4 kg. Females are smaller than males and have bluish-white instead of red eyes. Like other hornbills, they have splendid eyelashes.  The most prominent feature of this hornbill is the bright yellow and black casque on top of their massive bill. The casque appears U-shaped when viewed from the front, and the top is concave. The back of the casque is reddish in females, while the underside of the front and back of the casque is black in males. The casque is hollow and serves no known purpose, although it is believed to be the result of sexual selection. They are listed as ‘Near Threatened’ by IUCN Red List.

Did you know...?

…that the great hornbill can consume as many as 150 figs in one meal!