Wreathed Hornbill
Length:75-100 cm.
Weight:Males 1.8-3.65 kg.
Females 1.36-2.7 kg.

Wreathed Hornbill



The wreathed hornbill, also known as the bar-pouched wreathed hornbill, is around 75-100 cm in length. Males weigh from 1.8 – 3.65 kg while females weigh from 1.36 – 2.7 kg. Both sexes are similar to the respective sexes of the closely related plain-pouched hornbill, but the wreathed hornbill can be recognized by the dark bar on the lower throat. They have black backs, wings and belly. Males have a creamy head with reddish plume from the nape and a naked yellow gular pouch with a distinct black stripe. Females are distinguished by a black head and neck and blue gular pouch. They are listed as ‘Least Concern’ by IUCN Red List.

Did you know...?

…that the wreathed hornbill has a call with three notes that sounds like oek-uk-uk and is repeated several times?