Height: 1.2 – 1.5 m (head to tail)
Tail:3 ­ 7 cm
Weight:30 ­ 65 kg (male) 20 – 40 kg (female)

Malayan Sun Bear

Helarctos Malayanus

The Malayan Sun bear is the smallest bear in the world can be found in Khao Sok National Park. Sun bears have no real predators other than humans. Since their bile is used in Chinese medicine they were and still are hunted quite heavily. Only on very few occasions a Malayan Sunbear might be attacked by a large cat. These bears have loose skin on their necks and, if attacked from behind, can turn their heads and aggressively defend themselves. Sun bears have poor eyesight, relying more on their keen sense of
smell. Life spans in the wild are unknown (estimated at up to 24 years), but the oldest sun bear in captivity turned 25 years old. The IUCN Red list classifies these animals as ‘vulnerable’.

Did you know...?

… that sun bears are excellent at climbing trees? They climb by hugging the tree with their front legs and then hauling themselves up using their strong teeth.