Height:50 cm to 75 cm
Weight:20 kg to 30 kg
Colouring:They have soft, short, brownish or greyish hair, sometimes with creamy markings.

Barking Deer

Muntiacus muntjak curvostylis

Two species of barking deer can be found in Khao Sok National Park: the Red Muntjac and the very rare Fea’s Muntjac. The name barking deer derives from the call these species of deer make when sensing danger: a high­pitched bark which sounds like a barking dog. This call can be heard over many kilometers, alarming other animals. Alarmed barking deer also flip up their tail revealing the white color on the
underside. Barking deer can weigh up to 30 kg and live for 17 years, unless caught by a predator, such as leopards, tigers, Asian golden cats or large pythons. They have excellent eyesight during day and night and are usually active during daytime. However, barking deer can become nocturnal when they are too heavily disturbed during the day. These animals are classified on the IUCN Red list as ‘least concern’.

Did you know...?

… that barking deer are so shy that their alarm call is only taken seriously when repeated long enough?