Body:1.85 – 2.40 m (long) 0.9 – 1.1 m (tall)
Tail:5 – 10 cm
Weight:250 – 320 kg


Taprius Indicus

The Tapir is a large and stocky animal with a large proboscis (snout). Tapirs are black in the front part of the body and at the rear end with a white part in the middle. Tapirs look somewhat like pigs, but are of a completely different genetic order, being closer related to horses than to pigs. They communicate using high­pitched squeaks and whistles and live up to 30 years of age. These the IUCN Red list as ‘endangered’ and are included in Appendix I of CITES.

Did you know...?

… that tapirs not only like to swim but also let themselves sink and then walk around at the bottom of a river using their snout as a snorkel?