Type:Gragulus napuTragulus javanicus
Height:30­35 cm20 cm
Length:70­75 cm42­49 cm
Weight:5­8 kg2­ – 2.5 kg

Mouse deer


With fully grown adults being the size of a rabbit, the mouse deer is one of the smallest ungulates (animal with hooves) on Earth. It is called mouse although it’s not a mouse, and deer although it doesn’t have antlers – but it uses its canines to fight as other deer do, too. The fur of the mouse deer is mainly reddish­brown, with white markings on the neck, and the under parts are pale. The legs are delicate and slender but they can stomp heavily and loudly when agitated. These animals have a life span of about 12 years. Mouse deer are classified on the IUCN Red list as ‘least concern’.

Did you know...?

… that female mouse deer spend most of their life pregnant, being able to become pregnant again a mere 1.5 hours after giving birth to so called ‘asses’?