Gaur looks at camera in Khao Sok National Park.
Length:Head-and-body length of 2.5-3.3 m with a 0.7-1.05 m long tail, and is 1.65-2.2 m high at the shoulder.
Weight:Average weight of adult gaur is 650 to 1,000 kg.
Colouring:The color is dark brown for males and pale brown for females and young.


(Bos gaurus)

The Gaur is a species of wild cattle native to Asia and South East Asia. A male bull can grow longer than 3 meters and higher than 2 meters, making it one of the biggest land animals living on our planet. Only elephants, rhinos, hippopotamus and giraffes grow taller than them. The gaur is listed as ‘vulnerable’ on the IUCN red list, but in well protected areas such as the Khao Sok national park the populations were found to be stable. Gaurs have large ears and both male and female have big horns on their heads.

Did you know...?

Gaurs are naturally diurnal, meaning they are active during the day and sleep at night. However, if they feel threatened by people moving into their habitat, they can change this and become nocturnal (active at night).