Size:A wingspan: up to 30 cm.
Head-and-body length: around 10 cm.
Forearms: Normally around 7 cm.
Weight:Up to 34 g.
Colouring:Have yellowish veins through the wing, and when the wings are spread with light behind, they are given a prominent yellow or orange tinge. Their body colour ranges from grey-brown to blue-brown.

Lesser false vampire bat

(Megaderma spasma)

The lesser false vampire is a bat living in South Asia and South East Asia. Its wingspan is about 30 centimeters and they have very large ears, which join at the base. They live in groups of 3‐30 individuals, depending on the availability of food. They use echolocation to find food as well as to orientate themselves while flying. Even though they use echolocation for foraging, they have very good eyesight and are also able to locate prey with their eyes. They are listed as ‘Least Concern’ by IUCN.

Did you know...?

Bats are considered to be one of the slowest reproducing animals in the world.