Size:30 to 100 cm
Weight:Depending on the species.
Giant ground pangolins are the largest of all eight species, weigh 33 kg while Long-tailed pangolins, the smallest, weigh around 2-3 kg.
Colouring:These animals have many different colors. They can be a light sandy color, dark brown, olive-brown, pale olive or yellowish-brown.


(fam: Manidae)

Pangolins are mammals belonging to the order of Pholidota. Unlike other mammals, they don’t have hair all over their body, but instead they have scales made out of keratin. These scales are very hard and can protect the animal from predators. Pangolins are nocturnal and don’t have a very good eye sight; they mostly rely on their sense of smell in order to find food. Pangolins are solitary animals and only meet for mating.

Did you know...?

Keratin, the material that a pangolin’s scales are made of, is the same that our hair and nails consist of.