FON FB 032
Body:90-180 cm. (head-to-body length)
Tail:20-30 cm.
Height:55-110 cm. (From foot-to-shoulder length)
Weight:90-136 kg.

Wild Boar

Sus Scrofa


Wild boar, also known as wild swine, belongs to the same animal species as pigs: the Suidae Family.

Besides that,the wild boar has more hair and male wild boars have four fangs. They usually stay in masses around 20-100 wild boars and when there is a critical situation, they will separate and hide in the shrubs. But sometimes, when they meet an enemy, like a tiger or leopard, male wild boars will fight and crash the enemy with their fangs.

Wild boar is a widely distributed animal; we can find them in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Southeast Asia. So, that’s why they are classed as least concern by the IUCN.  There are many subspecies of wild boar and they are divided into four regional groupings, Western, Indian, Eastern and Indonesian. Wild boar in Thailand belongs to the “Indian” group situated in India, Nepal, Burma, Western Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Did you know...?

… …that wild boar can run 30 miles per hour?