Length:1 and 16 cm.
Life cycle:Average 12 m.

Praying Mantis


Praying mantises are closely related to termites and cockroaches. The word mantis is Greek and means ‘prophet’ or ‘fortune teller’. It is more or less well­known that female mantises eat the male after reproduction; however, studies reveal that this is not always the case and happens only in 30 percent of all cases. With their bright green color and slender body shape mantises are masters of camouflage, both to avoid being eaten, and to ambush their prey. The natural lifespan of a mantis in the wild is about 10­-12 months.

Did you know...?

… that mantises are the only insects that can turn their head 180 degrees? Furthermore, they only have one ear, which is located in front of their hind legs and used to sense echolocation to avoid flying predators such as bats.