Length: Body: 10-17 cm.
Tip tail: 3–9 cm.
Weight: 10-12 g.
Life cycle: 3-5 year



Scorpions are actually classified as Arachnids (spiders). There are currently 18 known species/sub­ species of scorpions in Thailand. Scorpions have a large pair of powerful pincers at the front end, with a long poison tipped tail. Scorpions are usually black or dark green in color and 10 to 17 cm long with females being larger than males. Scorpion poison is usually not much different to a bee or wasp sting;
however, it can be fatal to humans if the person is allergic.

Did you know...?

…that Heterometrus, with a length of 20cm one of the largest and heaviest scorpions in the world, lives in Khao Sok National Park? Though large in size, these scorpions are hardly venomous.