Bamboo Rat
Large Bamboo Rat

(Rhizomys Sumatrensis)
Hoary Bamboo Rat

(Rhizomys Pruinosus)
Lesser Bamboo Rat

(Cannomys badius)
Body:28 – 48 cm25 – 35 cm15 – 25 cm
Tail:12 – 20 cm 10 – 12 cm 6 – 8 cm
Colour:The body is brown and the face is reddish with red or orange spots on the cheeksThe body is greyish brown tipped with white. The color is darkest on the top of the backLonger, dense hair. The body is chestnut brown to bright pale grey.
Hair:FurlessFurlessHas a few hairs

Bamboo Rat

Rhizomys Sumatrensis/ Rhizomys Pruinosus / Cannomys badius

There are three species (Rhizomys, Cannomys and Tachyoryctes) and two sub­genera (Rhizomys and Nyctocleptes) of bamboo rat. It is mainly size and coloring that separates them. The species in Khao Sok have a short body, small eyes, small ears and short tail. Their legs are short and their feet have claws. The teeth are extremely strong for their size and made for digging and eating. These animals are
classified on the IUCN Red list as ‘least concern’.

Did you know...?

…that when you wander the forest and hear “boop…boop…boop”, it is a bamboo rat telling you you’re entering its territory?