Length: 42-45 cm.
Wingspan:75-90 cm.

Chinese pond heron

(Ardeola bacchus)

The Chinese pond heron is a freshwater bird from the heron family and is commonly found in tropical and subtropical East Asia and China. When standing on the ground, it is well camouflaged, having brownish grey colored upper plumage. When flying, however, the white wings appear and the bird is easily seen. The eyes, the bill and the legs are yellow. It is a solitary bird, sometimes seen in pairs or small groups of 5 to 6 individuals. The pond heron is a migratory bird, spending the summers in East Asia and moving to China in winter.

Did you know...?

When pond herons slowly wade through shallow water, the yellow color of their feet attracts fish, which makes it easy for the heron to find food.